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Soft is the Prodigy. There’s a whole sub-discipline in psychology concerning their problems: bored in school, friendless, stutterers because their big thoughts are hard to put into words, paralyzed by perfectionism, too successful to enjoy their accomplishments or too worried about equaling them later. And we sort of enjoy knowing that. kurt andersen

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I wish children to be taught to think—thinking, indeed, is a severe exercise, and exercise of either mind or body will not at first be entered on, but with a view to pleasure. Not that I would have them make long reflections; for when they do not arise from experience, they are mostly absurd. mary wollstonecraft

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average iq of a math prodigy 140 top prize for winning teen jeopardy $100,000 number of letters in the longest word used in the scripps national spelling bee 21 total number of words in the seven harry potter books 1,084,174 cost of one year of tuition at harvard $46,340

Youth is the time to go flashing from one end of the world to the other both in mind and body, to try the manners of different natinoals, to hear the chimes at midnight. robert louis stevenson

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